April 21, 2012

Beautiful beautiful Spring.

I'd spent some beautiful times in the park and zoo with mum and grammie.
and finally I could knew that I really love the spring. That beautiful sunshine and warm
atmosphere and beautiful flowers especially sakura and theirs scent and tree's tiny tiny little cute new leaves.
It make me feels Its start for new season absolutely. and bring me brand new inspirations.
I just thanks to God for he makes these all of the beautiful things as a present.
and I realized clearly his presence is present.

August 23, 2011

Late Summer picnique at Seoul

I've been to picnic today with my mom. Here is Mt.bukak?!, Seoul.
Actually I just wanna take some more memories of my country.
So just went around this city's some places and I realized maybe
I've loved this city since before pretty long time ago.......